Satellite internet

INTV is the leading provider of real broadband Internet connectivity over satellite in the Czech Republic. In our portfolio, there are products and services of two big European “Internet over satellite” providers – “Tooway” of the French-Italian consortium of companies Eutelsat/Skylogic, and “Avanti” of the British company Avantibroadband communications. Both mentioned groups of services are designed for both residential and business customers. Within the Tooway portfolio, there is the service called NewsSpotter, which is primarily intended for video-streaming via Internet.

For larger B2B projects we offer services called IP Connect, M-Beat, Aggregated Volume Model.

Satellite phones

IRIDIUM, INMARSAT, GLOBALSTAR – Connected solutions are saving lives and advancing business around the globe on land, at sea and in the air.

Inmarsat BGAN & Global Xpress

Inmarsat services and solutions can be used both for mobile and fixed communications for a wide variety of applications in virtually any location even in the remotest, most inhospitable places on Earth. High speed data over satellite wherever you are.

SCPC and MF-TDMA VSAT Services

Topology Point-to-Point based on SCPC links

STAR Topology based on Comtech SCPC technology with either static or dynamic bandwidth allocation

STAR Toppology based on the ND Satcom MF-TDMA Skywan technology

MESH Topology – small networks based on Comtech SCPC, larger networks on ND Satcom Skywan technology.

DataPath CCT antennas

We are reseller of DataPath CCT90, CCT120 Suitcase, CCT120 Drive-Away, CCT200 Fly-Away, QCT90 antennas.